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  • Located in Western Belmont County, Ohio.
  • This is the first developement in the county with a security entry.
  • Copy of restrictive covenants on request.
  • Home sites are completely wooded or partially wooded.
  • The owner lives on site.
  • Underground electric and telephones services.
  • Over 16,000 acres of public wildlife area within 10 miles.
  • Located two miles north of the 40th Parallel
  • Send for plat maps and prices.
  • Check www.texaslonghorn.com for information on the only neighbor.
  • This is the heart of Ohio's trophy White Tail Buck country.
  • Thousands of acres of public lakes within 12 miles.
  • Mild Appalachian climate in south eastern Ohio. Not too Cold - Not to Hot.
  • Guarantee - No home sites are on level ground.
  • So quiet you can hear if a Woodpecker is off key.
  • No traffic lights between Longhorn Hideaway and Columbus or Pittsburgh.
  • Elevation between 1100 and 1300 feet.
  • Lot size 1.1 to 3 acres.
  • Quality people will be comfortable and welcome.
  • Additional info 740 758-5050 or Email info@texaslonghorn.com